Emma, Karl and Norah’s family session

A family session is a great chance to catch a glimpse into the family dynamic all while capturing great family memories.  You never know exactly what to expect or what may happen.  Hence why the camera is always at the ready, awaiting those special moments the family will treasure.

This family session was very laid back.  We had to shoot around Norah’s nap time.  When there is a six month old involved it is best to follow their schedule. To make things easier for mom and dad we met up at the family home.  Emma, Karl and Norah were ready to capture some great family memories.  The morning had been overcast and wet from the rain the night before.  Everyone made the best of it and away we went making memories.  Right away Norah flashed us her smile, with a little coaxing from dad off camera.  She had this super cute hair that stood straight up, adding to her personal style.

Eagle Creek family session

Keeping Norah entertained was the top priority.  If she showed interest in something we went with it.  She was very interested in this beautiful purple flower.  If she had her way there might have been a sampling.  I am not sure she would have liked the taste though.

Eagle Creek family session-2

 Lucky for us we were able to capture a few great family shots before she had had enough. Grandma and grandpa were an immense help in keeping her attention.
Eagle Creek family session-3
After Norah went down for a nap, I suggested a few photos of just the two of them.  When a little one enters the picture there is not much alone time for young parents.  Karl and Emma were up for it and actually enjoyed themselves.  The sun also decided to grace us with some beautiful light before the session ended.
Eagle Creek family session-5
They are such a cute couple with an adorable daughter.  This session proved to me once again why I love photography so much.  I love interacting with families and capturing special moments to cherish for years to come.
Eagle Creek family session-4

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