A musician session at Barbeque & Bourbon

Dean Cazee is a local country musician and a good friend.  When he approached me about having some updated photos for his music flyers I was all in.  However, he warned, “I do not pose well or take good photos”.  Not to worry was my response.  I am great at capturing photos on the fly with minimal posing.  Catching people in their most natural state is what I do best.

We decided on Barbecue and Bourbon on Main Street in Speedway, IN for the photo shoot.  Dean would be playing there in early January and it would offer the environment he was looking for in his photos.

When I arrived I could tell he was nervous, he reminded me again “I do not take good photos”.  I reassured him we would have fun with it and at least get “one or two” good ones.

He was decked out in his best country attire with his guitar in tow.  We started out by snapping a few photos at the bar and moved on throughout the restaurant incorporating his guitar.   Quickly I noticed he felt much more comfortable with his guitar in hand.  I had him play it a bit and while he was distracted I snapped away.

We spent about an hour shooting various places in the restaurant and bar area.  With a little venture outside for some shots in front of the building and some laughter on Dean’s part, we really captured the essence of Dean.

Musician session at Barbecue & Bourbon-3

In the end, he had a great time, I had a great time and we ended up with more than just “one or two” great photos.

The next week we met back at Barbecue and Bourbon to look through the photos.  He was happy with the outcome and even had some trouble picking which ones to use.  With the help of the owner, bartender and a few of the servers we all decided on our favorites to be used on his flyers.

I love when everything comes together, despite the client’s disposition on how well he photographs.  In the end, fun was had by all and I was able to deliver great photos.


Tips for having photos taken, when you do not think you photograph well:

Be yourself.

Relax and go with it.

Remember not every photo will turn out awesome, if they did you would have too many to choose from.

If you find you freeze up when smiling for the camera, not to worry.  I have a variety of tricks to help put you at ease and capture that perfect smile.

Remember it is my job to make you look great.  Follow my lead and you will do just fine.

Share your thoughts :-)

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