Weekly Photo Challenge “Serenity”

August 09, 2014 Lake McDonald Glacier NPAn afternoon spent along the shores of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park = Serenity.

On this particular August afternoon we lounged in the water and took in all that surrounded us.  All of our senses were activated that day.  What a beautiful and serene place to be.  We could have stayed forever!


7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge “Serenity””

  1. Lovely, especially with the view of the underwater rocks in front. Great perspective.



  2. Very beautiful. I love the road to the sun. Did you know that while you were there, I was a mere 3.5 hour drive north of you?? ❤
    Diana xo


    1. Thanks Diana. We had originally planned to go through Canada to visit Glacier and I had planned to get in contact with you as we headed through your neck of the woods, but alas those plans fell through. I would have loved to have met you in person 🙂

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