Weekly Photo Challenge – “Symmetry”

July 11 2011-Basilique Cathédrale NotreThis week’s photo challenge had me digging into my archives.  On a work trip to Quebec City I found myself much more interested in photographing the beautiful city than attending the work conference.  This particular photo was taken inside of the Basilique Cathédrale Notre in the heart of Quebec City on July 11, 2011.  At that time I had owned my Nikon for one year and had yet to discover the advantages of shooting RAW.  Today I shoot exclusively in RAW and love the editing power it gives me.

While editing this photo I found myself wanting to adjust things I could not adjust.  A lesson learned but learning is all part of the fun right?

7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – “Symmetry””

  1. It’s beautiful and I love Quebec City! Did you know that Quebec City is the only walled city in North America?
    Diana xo


    1. I did and I had a great time exploring the walled city. What a neat place! That work trip was a turning point for me and really helped me realize what I truly wanted to do. Can you tell I love Canada 🙂

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      1. and we love our southern neighbours!

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  2. Completely breathtaking design and architecture!


  3. I love pictures of churches and this really does show the symmetry found in them.


  4. What is there to adjust. It’s stunning the way it is.


    1. Thank you. I made a few lighting adjustments before posting the photo as the lighting was a bit dark.

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