Weekly Photo Challenge “Reward”

Although there are many I could pick from, this photo quickly comes to mind when I think of reward.  After a long and strenuous hike we were not only rewarded with the beautiful mountain views but also this surprise rainbow.  In addition, the storm stayed to the north of us so we were able to enjoy the view longer.  In the end, we spent 3 hours on top of the mountain soaking in the absolute beauty of this place.

April 02, 2012_Chimney Tops

View from the Chimney Tops in the Smoky Mountains National Park.

April 02, 2012_Chimney Tops

I would have to agree with this trail’s entrance sign.  Worth every minute of hiking and sweating our way to the top.

One response to “Weekly Photo Challenge “Reward””

  1. Wow, that’s a gorgeous photo! ❤
    Diana xo


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