Four Year Anniversary of the f-stopmama blog!

Today I received a notification from WordPress of my four-year anniversary.  It does not seem possible that I started my blog four years ago.  In honor of my anniversary I thought it would be interesting to look back at my blog posts through the years.  Wow have things changed.  This blog post is probably more for me but I thought it would be interesting to highlight some of my blog posts over the last four years.  Instead of picking my best or favorites I decided to go with the blog post near my anniversary.  Enjoy!

My very first post was not very exciting!  I really had no idea what I was doing 🙂

At least my second post featured photos.

The science geek in me….enjoying nature’s carpet

I remember having a hard time getting started with a regular posting schedule as my third post shows 😦

Next we fast forward one year to this post.  (Notice my anniversary is near the start of spring). I love that fact!

Spring 2012

Year #2.  I actually wrote an anniversary post that year, and guess what…spring was making its appearance.

March 10, 2013_untitled_010

Year #3 (Note: The musician featured in this post, Lionel Ferbos, passed away on July 19, 2014 at the age of 103.  He was the oldest Jazz musician in New Orleans. I feel very privileged we had the chance to see him in person)

& this post.  Both blogs happen to fall before and after my anniversary date.

Fresh calamari

I found this exercise to be very enlightening.  A blog not only allows you to share and connect with others around the globe it also gives you insight into yourself.  It allows you to see yourself changing throughout the weeks, months and years.

Here’s to the next four years and whatever they may hold.

2 responses to “Four Year Anniversary of the f-stopmama blog!”

  1. It’s true, you can see yourself changing and you can learn about yourself a lot. Happy anniversary! 🙂


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