Weekly Photo Challenge – ROY G. BIV

New Orleans

This week’s challenge took me back to some of my earlier photos.  I enjoyed looking back at my images over the last few years and selecting ones that would fit well with this challenge.  Starting at the top:

Red – Race team at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway – 2010

Orange – Campfire in Madison, IN – 2012

Yellow – Hotel window downtown Indianapolis – 2012

Green – Lily pads – 2011

Blue – Hot air balloon ride over Indianapolis – 2012

Indigo – Spring flower in Speedway, IN -2012

Violet – Winter plant in Fountain Square, IN – 2012

ROY G. BIV – French Quarter, New Orleans 2011 & Quebec City, Canada 2011

What a fun challenge!   I may have to do a part 2 later down the road, using photos from 2013-present.

Share your thoughts :-)

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