Weekly Photo Challenge – Muse

Paths have always been my muse.  It is the subject I find myself photographing over and over again and I never tire of them.  For me paths represent more than just the physical path you see in front of you. They can represent the “paths” or choices we are presented with throughout our lives.  Those choices for good or bad shape us as a person.

Here is just one of the many paths I have photographed over the years.  Ironically, the summer photo was taken some time ago while visiting our friend.  Now we live on that property.  Funny how life’s path may eventually lead you back.

February 08, 2015_untitled_109

Winter 2015, before the snow fall.
February 17, 2015_untitled_004 The same path snow-covered.

path Summer of 2010, looking down the path from the other direction.

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