Andrew & Emily’s wedding day

What can I say?  This couple was so much fun to work with.  With their laid back attitude, fun personalities, and a cute couple in love, it made for a very pleasant photography experience.   Some people avoid wedding photography and in many cases for good reason.  However, this particular wedding experience was what every photographer dreams of.  Not because the lighting or the weather was perfect, neither were, but simply working with a great couple makes everything run that much smoother.

With possible rain moving in I was happy the couple decided to do all of their photography prior to the ceremony.  In this case, it allowed for a short outdoor session which would have otherwise been missed had we shot after the ceremony.  Once it started to rain it continued the rest of the afternoon.

Emily & Andrew decided to do a first look, followed by B & G, wedding party & family photos, all before the ceremony.   They were very happy with their decision.  The before session helped them relax and truly enjoy the ceremony & the reception.

We chose the prayer garden for the first look.  With beautiful flowers in full bloom, it was the perfect location.

When the moment came, Emily arrived looking radiant in her beautiful gown.   Her gown was specially made by her sister and grandmother.

A&E wedding-7Andrew’s response was priceless.  He was truly blown away by his beautiful bride.   I absolutely enjoyed capturing the emotion of this lovely couple after seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day.

After spending some time with just the couple, it was time to include the wedding party.  Lucky for us the rain held out as we photographed the wedding party, bride & bridesmaids, groom & groomsmen.

A&E wedding-10

Upon noticing the ominous clouds starting to loom overhead, we made a quick decision to move the family photo session inside.  The altar inside the church made for a nice backdrop for family photos.  With all of the family gathered together and ready we dived right in.

A&E wedding-13

The photo sessions went so well we finished ahead of schedule, leaving plenty of time for everyone to grab a bite to eat and find their places for the ceremony.

A&E wedding-14

This wedding ceremony was full of love, emotion, and absolute beauty.  The love of this couple was obvious to all in attendance.  Emily’s brother walked her down the aisle to a song her dad had written.  Her dad passed away when she was in high school.  I simply adore this photo of her brother hugging her as he gives her away.  What a beautiful moment.

A&E wedding

Also during the ceremony, the entire church was invited to join in to sing “In Christ Alone”.  Again the emotion shines through as Emily and Andrew sing along.

After the exchange of vows and rings, Andrew decided no ordinary kiss would do, as he went for the full dip and kiss move. Which he executed quite perfectly, I might add.

A&E wedding-2

The happy couple enjoyed their guests over cake & punch in the reception hall of the church.

A&E wedding-3

Having completed all of the photos beforehand they were able to relax and fully enjoy their reception.  With shooting time left over I shot candid shots during the reception to round out their wedding photos for the day.

A&E wedding-4

Emily & Andrew were truly a joy to work with.  Ironically, I had volunteered my photography services at the charity event they met at 3 years prior.  How fun to see the two go from meeting one another to dating to engaged to their wedding day.  I wish them both many, many years of happiness & love.

This session like so many taught me to come prepared with a plan and be prepared to abandon the plan or tweak as necessary.  The art of photography encompasses more than just the technical aspects, proper lighting, composition and depth of field.  It also involves being able to adapt to any situation.  Weather, crying kids, imperfect lighting, impatient family members, and the list goes on.  Having the ability to change plans to suit the situation is just as important.  In the end what matters most to people are the memories and your ability to capture them no matter what comes your way.  

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