Weekly Photo Challenge – From Every Angle


The challenge:  “This week, photograph a stationary subject from three different angles.”

I have passed this tree many times while hiking our trails.  Each time I stop and admire the plant wrapping itself around this small tree in order to obtain more light.  Nature is awesome!  While playing around with different angles, I noticed the way the light was changing as I moved.  Loved the way the light filtered in through the trees.

Click on any of the photos to see a larger version in a gallery.  

2 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – From Every Angle”

  1. I’m wondering about what’s going on at the base of that tree. Is the wrapping plant growing out of the soil, or is it an epiphyte, the roots twining into the texture of the tree’s bark (like many tropical orchids)? My hunch is that the plant grows from the soil. That bark looks too smooth to hold roots.

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    1. The plant is growing out of the soil next to the tree. I wish I had captured that better.


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