So many photos, so little time!

Photos are everywhere, on our computers’ hard drives, our cell phones, our tablets, everywhere but the one place they should be.   In print and on display for all the world to see.  From our co-workers to our friends and family who visit our homes, we all have photos that are begging to be shared with those around us.   How many of us have photos from last summer’s vacation soaking up virtual space on our phones? Or maybe you finally got the point and shoot you have always wanted.   After firing off too many shots to count you wonder what to do with all of those photos.  There is an easy solution to this modern day dilemma.

Photo books are the easiest, most cost effective and creative way to not only display your photos but to store them without sacrificing space.  I can hear the groans already.  “But who has time to make one?  If only there were someone I could trust to make one for me that aligns with my tastes”.

Photo books-3

That’s where I enter the picture.  After making several photo books (at last count about 20) over the past couple of years, I have become great at this art.  In 2013, I designed my first photo book from some family photos I had shot at my grandmother’s birthday.  In this particular case, I was simply putting all of the photos together in one place, to allow my family to decide which photos they wanted prints made.  In the end, they loved the photo book and wanted a copy for their own homes.  From that day on I have been providing hardcover photo books for every photography client I shoot.

Photo books

Everyone raves about their book.  They love the full-color images from their shoot along with favorite quotes and little details sprinkled throughout making their book unique and special.  Best of all, when it’s not in use it fits nicely on a bookshelf.  However, I have found most people leave it out for easy access to share with their loved ones.  Although photo books are not a new thing, many photographers do not offer them.  This puzzles me, as the books showcase the photos beautiful and make excellent gifts.

After making various books, maternity, family anniversaries, weddings, family and senior photo books, I thought why not expand this to the general public’s photos.  You know the mom that loves to take photos on vacation or of every new thing each child does.  The dad that loves to capture his daughter’s sports with his iPhone.  The grandmother that longs for just one updated photo of the family, it has been ages since the last one was taken that sits above her mantle.  The blah office that needs some photos to spruce it up but no time to order prints and buy frames.

Photo books-2

A way to give new life to all of the photos we take every day, to get those photos off our technology and into our fingertips.  This is where I step in to make that dream a reality.  Your personal photos are uploaded and transformed into a beautiful custom designed photo book to share with all of your family and friends.  You sit back and wait for your photo book to arrive in the mail.  When it arrives you cannot help but feel like a young child ripping into a present on Christmas.  Your excitement builds as you attempt to open your package.  You can hardly stand it another minute.  Finally, the book is uncovered and you thumb through it quickly at first because you are so excited to see it.  Then you go back slowly and reminisce upon the day the photos were taken.  For a moment you are transported back in time with all of the fond memories washing over you.

Photo books-4

You have your book and you cannot wait to get the next one started.  Now aren’t you glad someone has the time, expertise and creativity to make your photos come alive and proudly display themselves in a beautiful book?

Share your thoughts :-)

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