A fall family photo session with Abby & Jesse

Back in June I photographed Abby when she was 7 months pregnant.  After having Isaac she contacted me for a family photo shoot.  I was excited to capture this special time in her family’s life.  When she asked if we could do them at her father’s 48 acre farm in October, I was even more excited.  The leaves were changing to their brilliant fall colors and a family farm sounded like a perfect location for this shoot.  When I arrived the farm was everything I expected with a beautiful lake set against a state park.   After meeting her family I scouted out the property for the best spots to take photos.  On this particular day it was 70 and sunny.  A beautiful October day.

While the rest of the family was getting dressed for their part of the shoot, we set off to capture Abby and her family. Starting off with a few fun test shots with Jake & Eli, I knew they would be fun to work with right away.  They were both hamming it up for the camera & not shy at all.  After some warming up, it was time to wake up Isaac, the newest addition.  At 2 months old, he is my youngest client to date.  What a cutie!

Fall family photos

Fall family photos-2

After taking some photos of the 5 of them, we gave Jake & Eli a break  as I focused on Abby, Jesse and Isaac.  Isaac wasn’t thrilled about the photography but we went with what we had.

Fall family photos-6

Fall family photos-7

Now that the rest of the family was ready it was time for a few group shots.

Fall family photos-3

The whole family was excellent to work with and followed my instruction beautifully.  Abby wanted some photos with her dad & sister and one with all of the boys.

Boys will be boys and they seemed less than thrilled to have their photograph taken.  I managed to get all 6 of the boys together with her father’s barn in the background.  Relief set in when they knew they were done.

Fall family photos-8

We finished up with more family photos.  I noticed her father had a dock.  With the beautiful fall trees in the background, I knew this would be a great location to finish up.  While Abby was tending to Isaac, I had the chance to capture the boys by themselves.  Both were so much fun to work with and they loved being in front of the camera.

Fall family photos-9

Isaac was showing his displeasure with the scenario so when he stopped crying, I knew this was our last chance.  After arranging the family on the dock I snapped a few shots.  Perfect Christmas card shot.

Fall family photos-10

Just when we thought we were done I noticed a moment between father and his new son.  I had to take the shot.  Priceless!

Fall family photos-11

This family shoot was so much fun, it hardly felt like work.  When I delivered the finished product to Abby she was thrilled.  I think her exact words were, “Holy crap, you are so talented.  We LOVE the photos!!!!”  This is why I do this, this is why I love “my job”.  I love capturing wonderful memories and then making them smile when they get their photos.

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