Travel Thursday – Grand Tetons

With a week left of our 6 week trip out west, our stay at the Grand Tetons was short but memorable.   After spending 5 days in Glacier National Park, we needed a day to shower, do laundry and stock up on supplies.  After taking care of the essentials, it was time for happy hour cocktails and a short walk around the lake.

Grand Tetons

Grand Tetons

The next day we had plans for a hike to Hidden Falls & Inspiration Point.  The weather had other plans.

Grand Tetons - Hidden Falls

Partway through our hike we encountered a downpour.  Normally we are prepared, however, this time we were not.  No ponchos, no layers, we learned a valuable lesson.  Hike prepared.  All we could do was hunker down under a tree until the rain passed.  Once it passed we continued on to Inspiration Point.  Again the weather had other plans.

Grand Tetons - Inspiration Point

Our quick view before heading back down before the next storm moved through.

Grand Tetons

The clouds were moving in fast.  Time to go!

August 13, 2014_untitled_2764

Beauty along the path on our hike back to camp.  At this point, we could take our time as we were away from the storm.

August 13, 2014_untitled_2768August 13, 2014_untitled_2771August 13, 2014_untitled_2773

Spotted this guy/gal from the trail.  The middle photo is as close in as I could get with my zoom lens.  I thought it might be a peregrine falcon, hard to tell from the above photos.

Grand Tetons

We rounded a corner and found this guy and several other hikers stopping to take photos.  Would not want to mess with him, look at the rack!

August 13, 2014_untitled_2802August 13, 2014_untitled_2807

Looking back at where we had been nearly an hour ago.

Grand Tetons

August 13, 2014_untitled_2814August 13, 2014_untitled_2817

Although our day did not go entirely as planned, we enjoyed ourselves and the beauty of Grand Teton National Park.

Grand Tetons

Resting at camp for our last evening in this beautiful park.

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