Weekly Photo Challenge – Oops



It was a beautiful Labor Day weekend.  On a whim, we decided on a weekend camping getaway.  On the last night, a rainstorm passed through while we were at dinner.  We had a decision to make, stay the last night or make an early escape.   During  a break in the showers, we decided to start tearing down the tents.   Decision made a little too late, as the rain flys were removed the torrential downpour came.  Now we had to pack up and get out in a hurry.  We threw everything in the back of the Nissan, all of it soaked including us.  As we attempted to unlock our bicycles in the pouring rain, I could not help but stop and laugh.  We were soaked and miserable, but it is a moment I will never forget.

The next day this is what our backyard looked like as we tried to dry everything out.


Note to self:  Check the weather forecast when camping.   A big oops on our part but a fun memory.

2 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Oops”

  1. It was a similar event in June that led me to buy the tiny camper. My garage had the following hung in it for a week: 2 tents, 3 tent vestibules, 2 rain flys, 2 tarps, and a canopy.


  2. I can absolutely relate to this! But we live and learn hey?


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