Weekly Photo Challenge – Seasons

Josie in the snow

Josie in the snow

Our boxer, Josie, enjoying the fresh snowfall.

Sandals in the winter

Within the same week, we had an unseasonably warm day.  With temperatures nearing

70° F (21° C), I had to break out the sandals.

How I love Indiana, where you may have snow one day and sunny warm weather the next.  This is the case right now.  Today it was warm and sunny, tomorrow afternoon we have snow moving in.   The seasons keep us on our toes.

2 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Seasons”

  1. Same idea through my post, but différent style 👏 ï love The pic of your Dog running, and ï love the idea of wearing open shoes, it s so cold again

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  2. […] post goes hand in hand with this past week’s  WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge of Seasons.  Click the link to see a couple more of my February photos not included […]


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