The Changing Seasons – February

Fungi in snow

This monthly challenge has really inspired me to get out and take more photographs.  With an abundance of subject matter to photograph and a challenge to motivate me, my Nikon has been venturing out more.  In the past, I would often leave my camera behind, but now I find myself reaching for it.  “I have to take my photos for the changing seasons post”.  Thanks to Cardinal Guzman for inspiration to include my camera more on my hikes.

February has been cold, unseasonably warm, cold, snow, no snow, warmer, cold, you get the idea.

This post goes hand in hand with this past week’s  WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge of Seasons.  Click the link to see a couple more of my February photos not included here.

Here is my submission for February

Click on a photo to view a larger version.

2 responses to “The Changing Seasons – February”

  1. I’m glad that your camera gets out and about more than usual. 🙂 There’s no reason for it to collect dust.

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