Sam Strong Dance 2016 at IUPUI

In honor of Sam Featherstone, Alpha Lambda Delta/Phi Eta Sigma at IUPUI puts on a dance every February to raise awareness & money for pediatric brain cancer. Sam lost his battle with brain cancer on January 2, 2013. Before his death, he started Sam Strong to raise money for research into this devasting cancer.

Sam Strong

For the past four years, I have been invited to take photos at a photo booth set up for students to pose in during the dance. With a variety of props such as hats, glasses, masquerade masks and mustaches, the students enjoyed “dressing up” for the photo booth.

Sam Strong-2

Along with the photo booth, students enjoy a night of dancing with a DJ playing their favorites and plenty of refreshments to go around. All of the money raised from the ticket sales and donations go to funding research at St. Jude.

This has been an event I have been happy to donate my time and services. I love interacting with the students and watching everyone have a great time in honor of an outstanding young man, gone too soon.

Sam Strong-4

All of the photos from the “photo booth” were available online as a free digital download from my website.

In years past, photos were not available for download the night of the dance. This year, I wanted to make the photos available the night of the dance. With a copy of Lightroom on my laptop, I was able to edit and upload their photos in real time.

The students had a great time, money was raised and donated, and I enjoyed breaking out the camera from its winter hibernation.

If you would like to learn more about Sam Strong click here

Sam Strong-3

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