Weekly Photo Challenge – Opposites

Warning this post includes an f-stopmama rant.

Mallard ducks among trash from humans.

In my opinion , there is no excuse for what is pictured above.  I have no tolerance for people who litter.  Lazy, inconsiderate humans!   It seems no place is immune, at least here in the United States.  This photo was taken in the city, with an abundance of trash cans on every corner.  Currently, we live in the country and yet I see trash casually strewn about. Humans throwing trash on their neighbors’ yards and fields.    It makes me want to hunt down those who litter, collect the trash I find and then dump it in their living room.  Here you go, live among this.

Rant over, for now.

Please don’t be an asshole.  Don’t litter!! 


Share your thoughts :-)

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