Finally, I’m back & Weekly Photo Challenges (playing catch-up)

Lake Superior sunset

Maybe you have noticed my absence or maybe you have been absent yourself.  My last post was over a month ago!  Gasp!  What happened?  I was doing so well, posting weekly and then bam.  July happened, summer happened and here we are half-way through August.

I wish I could say I was away on some exotic travel excursion or lounging on the beach.  The truth is I had a few big projects creep up and take over my time.  (Not to worry I managed to have some fun too, it was not all work and no play).  Finally, the dust has settled and the big projects are complete!  I must say I have missed blogging and reading all of your wonderful blogs.

For those interested in what I was working on, here is a quick recap.  Otherwise skip on ahead to the Weekly Photo Challenge photos.  

  1.  I was recruited by my family to design, organize and put together a family tree book for this year’s family reunion.  I had no idea how much work would be involved but in the end, I was pleased with the finished product.  The book was from my grandfather’s side of the family.  It included each of his siblings (6 total), their children and their children and so on, all with photos included along with names.  Whew!  Stay tuned for a link to a blog post and photos about this project.
  2. A complete re-do of my website!  A lot of work but worth it.  After having my website through Zenfolio for 4 + years, it was time to say goodbye.  A good friend of ours hooked me up and I absolutely love the new platform and theme.  Still working on a few tweaks here and there otherwise, it is complete.  Check it out here.

Now for the Weekly Photo Challenge, it’s time to play catch-up.  Here are my submissions for the last 6 WPCs.  Look up; Details; Cherry on Top; Narrow; Morning; Fun

Lake Superior sunset
Look Up – Lake Superior sunset
Canadian moth
Details – Canadian moth
New Orleans breakfast & a mimosa
Cherry on Top: New Orleans breakfast & a mimosa
Bryce Canyon
Narrow – Bryce Canyon
Smoky Mountains cabin
Morning – Smoky Mountains cabin
Mellow Mushroom mural
Fun – Mellow Mushroom mural



As for Travel Thursday and Simple Life Sunday, they will resume in September.  Changing Seasons will resume at the end of this month.


Share your thoughts :-)

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