Travel Thursday – Ohio Bird Sanctuary

If you ever find yourself near Lexington, Ohio, I have a suggestion for you.  While you are there, check out the Ohio Bird Sanctuary.  In 2010, we stumbled upon this place while taking a break from the Mid-Ohio sports car road course.  We were in need of something to do that was not race related.  This place was a pleasant surprise.


We spent the afternoon wandering through the aviary, where a variety of birds of prey and various songbirds are housed.  The Ohio Bird Sanctuary not only cares for these birds, their hope is to educate the community regarding conservation of the birds.

Several hiking trails are available at this 90-acre sanctuary.  We spent some time walking the trails and admiring the peace and quiet of nature.




A natural area greets you on either side of the bridge as you enter the sanctuary.  I missed my opportunity to capture a photograph of a beautiful heron.  As I was poised to release the shutter button, he took flight.


The sanctuary has free admission, donations are welcome of course.  They are closed on Mondays.  They are open Tuesday-Saturday 10-4 & Sundays Noon-4.

If you are interested in more information click here for their website.

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