Fall hiatus

Instagram has inspired me to take more photos with my cell phone, in the past something I avoided like the plague.  I enjoy the freedom that comes along with snapping a photo & instantly sharing.  Don’t get me wrong I love the creative editing process.  
However, October was a busy family photography month for me & now that I have all of the edits complete its nice to skip that part for this post.  
The above photo was taken near our lovely cabin in the woods using my Galaxy S3.  Yes I have an older phone but if it works why buy a new one.  

Follow me on Instagram (fstopmama) to see more of my photos thru the eyes of my phone.  

I will be resuming WPC, Travel Thursday & Simple Life Sunday this month.  

2 responses to “Fall hiatus”

  1. Just requested a follow on IG! I just dipped my own toe into that pool a few weeks ago (lanaelien). 🙂

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    1. We are now following each other. Looking forward to more of your photos!

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