An Engagement Session with Ashley & Shane

Washington Township Park in Avon was absolutely beautiful the last weekend of October.  Fall leaves were at their peak & a lovely couple awaited their engagement session.  However, several hundred people were also in attendance that evening and that was unplanned.  Upon arrival, I soon discovered the Ghouls & Ghosts event was taking place in this beautiful park.  The last thing a photographer wants during an engagement session, lots of people milling about.  After waiting to park at an offsite location and making my way into the park itself, I knew a challenge awaited.  This is why photographers must always be adaptable, you never know what may happen.

After chatting back and forth with Ashley on my Facebook business page, this would be the first time to meet them in person.   Upon arrival, we all acknowledged the added challenge & the possible audience they would have during their shoot.  They were up for the challenge, so we dove right in.

Their dog Moose was to be included in a few of their photos, so we started with him. Her parents were on standby to watch him after his portion was complete.  Moose was great, I brought along a few pepperoni treats to bribe him.  Guess what?  It worked.  I told him to sit, gave him a treat & snapped away.

Washington Township Engagement_

We even managed to get him to wear the sign.  What a trooper!

 Despite the crowd of people on the playground and on the trails, we were able to find a beautiful and quiet spot to take photos. With a nice fishing pond framed by brightly colored leaves, the setting could not have been more ideal.   I had planned on moving around the park to take photos in various locations but amazingly we were able to do all of them in a small area, away from the crowd.
Washington Township Engagement_-3

Ashley & Shane quickly relaxed into their session.  They told me they had never had professional photos taken.  This was a surprise to me given how natural & relaxed they looked in front of the camera.  I could not help but praise them for making my job easy.

The couple had chosen my favorite time of day to shoot, the golden hour.  The lighting was perfect and we managed to shoot until the last of the daylight was fading.

I loved their fun loving nature.  They had so many great ideas, I wish there had been more time to capture them all.

Washington Township Engagement_-5

I really enjoyed working with this fantastic couple.  Their love was apparent in all of their photos.  Although I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out with the unexpected event, the session exceeded my expectations.  Ashley & Shane had a great time, as did I.  I left their session with a big smile on my face & I couldn’t wait to get home for a quick glance at what I had captured.

Washington Township Engagement_-9Washington Township Engagement_-13

Congratulations to this super fun & sweet couple!  I wish them many more years of happiness to come.

Washington Township Engagement_-15


I highly recommend doing an engagement session.  This will not only give you great photos to use for invitations but also allows the couple a chance to feel comfortable in front of a camera prior to the wedding day.  On the wedding day, both will feel ready to tackle the photography portion of their day with ease.

Share your thoughts :-)

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