Changing Seasons – November

After working my Nikon hard during October, my camera took a break during the month of November.  I took less than 50 photos with my camera the entire month!  Leaving me with very little variety to share for this month’s installment of November.

However, I took more with my phone & shared those on Instagram.  Feel free to stop in sometime @fstopmama.

Here is my submission for November:

Hover over any image for a caption & click to view a larger version.

4 responses to “Changing Seasons – November”

  1. I enjoyed your photo gallery. One of the cornfield scenes is featured in the reader and it caught my eye— a familiar scene out my car window lately.

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    1. Thank you Janice. Glad you enjoyed it. With the corn gone, the landscape has changed drastically. Love the far expansive views.

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  2. Cameras also needs to rest sometimes. 😀

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