An in-home fall family session

It was a beautiful fall day and everyone was dressed in cute flannel shirts, ready to tackle their family photo session.  Little Isaac had grown so much in the last year.  Then he was only three months old.  Now at the age of one, he was on the move.  This would be challenging & fun all rolled into one.  Eli & Jake, aged 7 & 4 were willing helpers in keeping Isaac entertained.


I wanted to start off with a group photo because I knew we would need a few tries to get a good one.  With two adults & three boys, posing could be challenging.  After directing the parents where they should be and lining up Eli & Jake, I snapped away.

He was quite the little mover and I knew what I would have to do.  Follow him around with my camera ever at the ready and snap away.  With a 3-5 second window, I was happy I was shooting with my fast prime lens.  (Over the past few years, I have discovered I am a prime lens girl, rarely using a zoom).  It paid off for this session.



Zionsville family session-11

As Isaac discovered the small pond area on their property & headed for it, it was time to bust out the bubbles to distract him.  The boys blew bubbles and Isaac smiled and laughed, the pond long forgotten.

With him happy (and the key is to keep the little ones happy), I was able to capture some great moments of him with each of his parents.

Zionsville family session-6

After shooting for awhile, it was time to give the boys a break.  This allowed me some time to focus on Jesse & Abby.  By this time in the shoot, they were ready for a cold adult beverage.  I loved the casual & relaxed shots we achieved while the adults took their own break.

Zionsville family session-14

Zionsville family session-15

My approach is always to get more photos than I will need, as many will be weeded out in post-processing.  After spending a few more minutes snapping away near their house, it was time to call it quits.  Mom, dad & the boys were spent.

Zionsville family session-16

The boys were rewarded with video games & were all smiles as I left.

It was such a joy to photograph this lovely family.  What a pleasure to watch this family grow.


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