Simple Life Sunday -The end is merely the beginning.

Nikon cameras

When I first embarked on this journey I anticipated being at a certain place within a specific amount of time.  I realize now that was never a realistic expectation.  Things change, life happens, no amount of plotting & planning will make things go exactly as expected.

The Path, book in the snow

My first book of 2017.  This book goes along with my new found philosophy.  Planning is important but sometimes you have to let go to see what comes along.  Despite the book’s title, there is no “path”. 

Although I knew it would not be an easy course, part of me expected to be making x amount by this time or having x amount of clients by a set date.  I can assure you neither of those occurred.  While it may seem we live a dream life (and in a way we do), it is not all “rainbows & ponies”.  There are struggles, worries, stresses and good times too.

It has been over 2 years since I left my job and I am not where I expected to be but that’s ok.  This is even better than I could have anticipated.  The ability to adapt to situations as they come is the key to not “freaking out” when things do not go as planned.  The biggest risks can sometimes yield the best rewards.  In my case, I cannot imagine my life had I not taken this risk.  Indeed my life today is richer & fuller.

What does the future hold?  Who knows & truly who cares. I am learning to let things come as they do.  Adapt when necessary, change what is not working, bask in the good & enjoy the simple things in life.

Nikon cameras

My upgrade next to my trusty Nikon that I have had for 6.5 years.  Looking forward to learning all about the new camera.  

My biggest struggle throughout has been establishing a schedule that allows time for everything I enjoy doing & things I need to do.  When you work for someone, you are expected to be at work x amount of hours a day.  When you work for yourself, you have to hold yourself accountable.  That is harder than it may seem.  At times I would find myself reading a book instead of putting in the much needed time on my website.  Things moved along rather slowly during the first 2 years of self-employment.  At times my lack of motivation would astound me.  Why did it seem I had more motivation when I worked my full-time job?  After much trial & error & that is still ongoing, I have found a routine that works well for me.  This will be a work in progress for quite some time.  My motivation is back and I am hopeful I will maintain it, allowing more doors to open.



After trying out several productivity/organization tools, I found the one I love.  Trello!  This has been a very helpful tool for me.  Photo courtesy of

Despite the struggle, I found many new interests that have added to my life.  I now cook almost daily.  I take regular hikes and enjoy the splendor of nature.  My yoga & meditation practice have both dramatically improved and as a result, my disposition has also improved.  I have read many wonderful books and enjoyed blogging on a more consistent basis.

Although this is the last blog post in this series, this is not the end of the journey but a new chapter has begun and I look forward to writing the story as I go.

Lola the dog

Lola, our house guest over the last few days.  She is enjoying her vacation while her human is away.  A service we are thinking about offering in 2017.  

With many possibilities on the horizon and many not yet thought of I welcome the challenge of finding new and inventive ways of making this simple life continue to work for us.  Stay tuned as I will keep you posted on new developments in our tiny cabin in our 100-acre woods.

Nikon D610

Thanks to a good friend of mine I was able to finally upgrade to a full-frame camera.  I look forward to using this “new to me” Nikon camera.  

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