My youngest clients – “A time comparison”

My two youngest clients (to date) were both under 6 months of age.  With only a few months of life under their belt, I was excited to photograph such young life.

When their parents contacted me for updated family photos I was ecstatic.  This gave me the opportunity to not only see how much they had grown and changed but the chance to capture it with my camera.

Today I wanted to share with you a side by side comparison of these two cuties. Photography allows you to see the dramatic changes in your children, whereas the day to day is more subtle.

                        Rowan on October 25, 2014.           Rowan on October 10, 2016

Isaac on October 11, 2015                     Isaac on October 15, 2015


I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce my blog posting schedule for 2017.

Each week, I will post one from the following list (usually on Fridays):

~Black & white series

~Favorites from past clients

~Client sessions or an informative topic

~Favorite personal photos

Share your thoughts :-)

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