Personal Photograph Series: Iceberg Lake

I have been on this photographic journey for almost 7 years.  With over 40,000 photographs, it is hard to choose just one personal photo to share.  Although this will be an ongoing series and many of my personal favorites will be shared, I find it hard to select the first one.

Over the years I have been sharing many of my personal photos on my blog.  Now that I have discovered Instagram, I am taking more personal photos with my cell phone.

Photography has changed my life in many ways, allowing my view of the world around me to be guided by my camera.

Through sharing some of my personal photos I hope to give my readers and clients a glimpse into my personal side.  I hope you enjoy this new series.

Iceberg Lake

One of my favorite things is to travel and my second favorite is nature.  When I left my lab job to pursue photography, we took a six-week trip to the western U.S.   This photo was taken at Iceberg Lake in Glacier National Park.  It was such a unique experience, as I had never witnessed icebergs.   Despite the fact it was July, icebergs remained and the water was extremely cold.  A few brave (or crazy) people went for a swim among the icebergs.  I was not among them.

Share your thoughts :-)

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