What Should I Wear?

This is probably one of the most common questions photographers receive from their clients.   Although I have had a few clients ask for advice on their clothing choice, I have been lucky thus far.  It seems my clients intuitively know what to wear to their photo shoots.

My biggest piece of advice is simple, wear something comfortable.  The last thing you want is constant adjustments throughout the session.  If you are comfortable it will show in all of your photos.

Bedford Brothers

Here is an example of two brothers who are dressed up but completely comfortable in their clothing.  They are used to dressing up for Sunday morning church so it worked great for them.

If on the other hand, you know your kids will be miserable dressed up, skip it for the photo shoot.  Save yourself the stress, not to mention moans and groans.  Most likely, you would like to have additional family photo shoots.

Coxhall Gardens Family Shoot

One way to keep things easy, have everyone wear the same color.  This is especially helpful for larger group photos.

Noblesville Family Shoot

Jeans and single color t-shirts are always a crowd favorite.

Selecting similar colors or patterns is always a great option.  Love this style for intimate family photographs.  When selecting a color or pattern, take a look in your closets to determine which is the most common among the adults and kids.

There is no need to go out and buy all new outfits for a photo shoot.  Maybe everyone has the color you want except for one person.  Buy one new shirt instead of five to complete the ensemble.

Michigan family shoot

Another word of advice, allow the whole family to get in on the decision.  Maybe dad has a great idea or your youngest daughter.  When they are a part of the decision, you may find they are more likely to enjoy the photo shoot.

Zionsville Family shoot


A few tips to remember:

 Select comfortable clothing and shoes.  This will make for more natural photographs.

Choose the same color or similar shades of a color for larger groups.

Or select a color for each family in a large group.

Matching is not necessary but it can make the photographs look more cohesive

Above all, relax and have fun!


Share your thoughts :-)

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