A Look Back at Candid Wedding Moments

This week I am highlighting a few photos from my wedding collections.  Although I have several favorites, many of which have been featured on this blog, I chose each of these for their candid nature.

Everyone expects that classic perfect shot of the bride and groom along with many other traditional photos.  I also believe it is just as important to capture the other moments for those are treasured in their own way.

Franklin Wedding

“The Great Escape”

Although this is partially set-up, I love the casual way it came about.  While photographing the groom and his groomsmen, they decided to have some fun with the photos.   I let them fall into place and then snapped the photo.  The moment was captured and still brings about a laugh every time I see it.   The groom thinks he can make his getaway, but his trusty groomsmen are there to make sure he does not.

Franklin Wedding

“Bare Feet”

The ladies decided to buck tradition and go for comfort instead.  Who wants to stand in high heels all day?  Loved how their bare feet were delicately adorned.  Simple, cute and fun.

Indianapolis Museum of Art Wedding

“A Quiet Moment”

While walking back to our cars after snapping many fabulous shots of this lovely couple, I turned around and had to capture this moment.  After a busy day of a wedding ceremony, photos and leaving to catch a flight for their honeymoon I simply loved this quiet moment between them.

Noblesville Bride & Flower Girl

“Girl Time”

While posing for photos with the bride, this moment captured my attention and my heart.  The flower girl is so adorable as she admires the beautiful bride.  Their eye contact is priceless.

Franklin Bride & Groom

“Before the First Look”

This was my first opportunity to capture the first look between the bride and groom.  As we had the groom set up outside and waiting for the cue to turn around, the bride decided to have a little fun first.  I adored her playful nature on her wedding day.  She truly enjoyed every aspect of her special day.

Your wedding day should not only capture the important moments it should also capture your personality.  When you look back at photographs from your wedding 10, 20, 30 years and beyond, they should bring about a smile and many memories from that day.


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