Spring, racing, driftwood beach and a trip to Florida. April’s re-cap!

Florida bird on the beach

April was a busy month and May is shaping up to be the same.  Spring is in full swing here along with a ton of rain.  The end of April we were gone on vacation for ten days.  Upon returning the forest had exploded.  Trees were no longer bare and everywhere we looked, green.  It is amazing how different the forest can look in less than two weeks!

This re-cap post will be shorter than normal.  After arriving back home on Tuesday, it has been non-stop catching up with everything that needs to be done.

Here is a snippet of our month.


Early in the month, the mayapples sprouted like crazy!

farmer's field

Our neighboring field was awash with yellow.  Loved the yellow against the beautiful blue skies.


Shane enjoying our new (to us) toy.

The month was so busy I only had time to read two books.

  1.  “The Bookshop on the Corner”  by Jenny Colgan (332 pages).  Really enjoyed this book and the writing style.  I identified with the main character and how she felt after moving to the countryside after living in the city.  I highly recommend this one.
  2. “End of Watch”  by Stephen King (429 pages).  This was a suspenseful page-turning novel.  The last of the trilogy of this series.  I really enjoyed this one.  Stephen King is certainly a master storyteller.


Lastly, a snippet from our ten-day trip.  (More to come in future posts)

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

We spent a cold and windy weekend at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course watching good friends race.  It has been several years since we last visited and we had a blast.

Cocktail at the Roof Top Bar

On our trip to Florida, we stopped in Savannah, GA to see an old friend.  The roof top bar was awesome, with excellent views of the city.

Driftwood Beach at Jekyll Island

By far one of the highlights of the trip, Driftwood Beach at Jekyll Island State Park in Georgia.  We camped here for one night and plan to return to this beautiful island.

Florida bird on the beach

This guy was on standby waiting to see what the fisherman would bring in.  He was hoping for a free meal or two.  We spent four days in Florida for my cousin’s wedding.  I now have my editing work cut out for me as I was the photographer at her wedding.

On that note, it’s time to get back to the editing process and preparing her photos for delivery next week.

Until next time, cheers!

One response to “Spring, racing, driftwood beach and a trip to Florida. April’s re-cap!”

  1. My favorite is definitely of Driftwood Beach.


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