7 Fun Ways to Entice Your Family to do a Photo Session

We all want photos of our families, before everyone gets older, including the adults. Sometimes getting the family to cooperate is easier said than done. Maybe the thought of dealing with your kids at a family photo shoot makes you cringe. Perhaps time is an issue, you have so many activities planned for the summer, when will you find time to schedule a family photo shoot?

Here’s an idea! Why not try making a fun day out of it. Kill two birds with one stone, if you will. Family day and family photos all in one. Here are just a few ideas.

#1 Head to the park or favorite ice cream shop.

Take the kids to their favorite park to play or to an ice cream shop after your family photo shoot. The kids will be excited about their “reward” for dealing with portrait day. A little bribery goes a long way and I am not beneath using it to help you capture some great family memories.

Fall family

Maicy was so excited to gather her pile of leaves to throw during her family’s photo session.

#2 Head to your local waterpark.  

With summer vacation fast approaching, why not entice the entire family with an afternoon at the waterpark. Even dads and moms can be bribed. Pick your favorite nearby park for the photo session. Bring your swimwear for after. What better way to cool off and reward yourself for finally getting family photos done, then a nice relaxing float down a lazy river.

#3 Plan a visit to a state park.  

Perhaps you have been thinking of taking the family to one of the many Indiana State Parks for a nice lunch and a hike. Why not schedule the family photo shoot before lunch and a hike. Again the reward system works and I highly recommend using it to help capture those priceless memories.

Turkey Run Bridge

A hike at Turkey Run on a beautiful summer day is the perfect reward for a family photo shoot.  

#4 Head to the lake for a picnic &/or boat ride.

How about a picnic lunch by the lake or a boat ride with family photos scheduled before or after? What better way to relax and enjoy some quality family time, knowing your family photos are done.

Boats along shore

Perhaps everyone has a favorite pizzeria they have been begging to go to for dinner. Schedule family photos and a dinner date with the entire family after.

#6  Brewery or winery tour anyone?

Making a fun day along with photos works for couples and friends too. Perhaps your husband, friend(s) would rather have a root canal than have photos taken. Again bribery is your friend. Schedule an afternoon/evening at your favorite brewery, winery or restaurant. Who wouldn’t want a beer or a glass of wine after smiling and having fun with their significant other?

Abita Beer

Cold refreshing beverage anyone?

Caridean Winery

Perhaps relaxing at your favorite winery would do the trick.

What about those extended family photos you have been thinking of doing? You cannot remember the last time you had a group photo of grandma, grandpa, the kids and your siblings. Try inviting everyone over to your house or favorite park for a pitch in lunch and scheduling a photo shoot prior to or during the event.

Family Photo

Giving everyone something fun to look forward to after photos, not only rewards the group but it allows for more natural photos during the session. Everyone will feel relaxed and excited about their activity coming up. Plus it gives the group something to talk about and not feel awkward in front of a camera.

We all need more time for fun, with so many commitments in our lives. Pick a day to simply enjoy your favorite activity, all while getting those family/friends/couple photos done that you have been meaning to do for ages. You will thank yourself later and every time you look back at those photos you will remember what a great time everyone had.

Mountain Biking

There are plenty of options to choose from, perhaps a day of mountain biking.   

If any of the above ideas sound like fun, contact me today. I would love to help you plan the perfect outing that fits your family’s needs and budget all while capturing those moments in time you will look back on fondly over the years.

Share your thoughts :-)

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