In lieu of July’s monthly recap – Pets & A Book

My poor Nikon, she sits lonely on the shelf wondering what she has done wrong.  It’s me, not you I want to say.  Over the past month, I took her out to practice using my flash, worked with white balance and attempted some self-portrait photography.  Although that sounds like my Nikon got some usage, it really wasn’t much.  Rather than bore you and embarrass myself with photos that are sub par, I chose just three to share.

Monthly recap- July

Josie, the boxer, is always a great subject.  I call this her thinking pose.

Monthly recap- July-2

Nugget, the cat, snagged Josie’s bed for a nice slumber.

Monthly recap- July-3

Only 1 book completed this month.  Currently, I am working my way through an 865-page novel.

“Walking to Listen” by Andrew Forsthoefel (365 pages).  In my opinion, this is a must read.  What an extraordinary young man!  The story is masterfully told through his travels from the east to the west coast.  I loved the varied people he met along the way and their generosity to help him as he found his way.


Until next time folks.



2 responses to “In lieu of July’s monthly recap – Pets & A Book”

  1. Can’t wait to hear about the 865 pg novel you’re reading!
    Miss you Amy!!

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