Weekly Photo Challenge – Satisfaction



Homemade beignets ready to be consumed.  Fresh out of the hot oil!

I love to cook and experiment with new recipes.  A few years ago that statement would have read “I hate to cook and have no desire to experiment”.  Times have changed and I truly enjoy the magic that happens in the kitchen.  Feeling experimental, I decided to tackle a Creole/Cajun/NOLA dinner.  On the menu, shrimp etouffee with creole boiled rice and of course beignets!

I am happy to say my first attempt was a success.  The shrimp etouffee had a nice flavor with a bit of a kick.  Shane was pleased.  (He is my willing guinea pig when it comes to new recipes).  The beignets?  Well, I can say they were perfect for this week’s photo challenge.  Pure satisfaction!  Delicious, almost like we took a road trip to NOLA.

I would have shared a photo of the shrimp etouffee, but my food photography skills need improvement.  That photo did not turn out great.  

Share your thoughts :-)

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