Jack the Pirate, The Shanty, a snake, & self portraits – September Recap

September was a busy, yet fun month.  We finally completed “The Shanty” project in the woods.  My son came up with an idea for our campsite area.  He wanted to build a shelter mostly out of materials we already had laying around.  With some planning and help from Shane, they were able to make the dream a reality.  It is yet to be officially named, for now, I am calling it The Shanty.

September Recap-11

One afternoon we headed out to put the finishing touches on The Shanty and discovered someone had left us a mascot.  We have named him Jack.  We love the peg leg and hook hand.

Our cat, Sir Purrs seems intrigued by him.

The Shanty/campsite area has also become my creative, outdoor space.  This month I spent some time out there practicing with my flash, using myself as the subject.  Self-portrait photography is a new arena for me but so far I have learned a lot simply by practicing.

I have a lot to learn and now I have a quiet space all to myself to use, complete with a shanty & a pirate.  The best outdoor “office”!

September Recap-5

We found this little guy curled up outside on top of our door.  After some research, we determined he is a harmless water snake.  (No snakes were harmed during this photography).

Lastly, I have read some fantastic books this month.  Here is my September list.

  1. “LION” by Saroo Brierley (273 pages).  If you have watched the movie, I highly recommend reading this book.  Excellent narrative and such a heartbreaking yet heartwarming story.  This was a page turner for sure.  Find a glass of wine, a blanket and a cool night to curl up to this one.
  2. “Swimming Lessons” by Claire Fuller (350 pages).  This was also a page-turner.  I could not wait to find out what happened.
  3. “The Stranger in the Woods” by Michael Finkel (203 pages).  Excellent book, well written.  This was such an interesting real-life story of a hermit who lived in the woods for 27 years.  Incredible story!


Until next time, be kind to those around you!


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