October Recap

October, a month of warm weather turned cold quickly.  The beginning of the month I was in shorts and now it’s fire time! I do love the fall and the beautiful colors of the forest.

Monthly Recap - October-4

A delicious plate of fruit goodness, part of our weekly Sunday brunch!

Additional touches for The Shanty, solar lights and log seating.

Monthly Recap - October-9

Complete with log seating around the campfire.

Love the view from behind “the bar”.

Monthly Recap - October-13

Bear, our guest for a couple of days while his parents were gone having their baby.

Monthly Recap - October-12

Self-portrait practice with an added bonus, Josie joined in!

Some of autumn’s beauty around the 100-acre woods.

Monthly Recap - October-18

Nugget among the leaves.

Love the forest colors right now.

With colder weather, comes lazy animals!

I almost forgot, here is my selection of books for the month:

  1.  “I See You” by Clare Mackintosh (374 pages):  Excellent book!  It sucked me in from the beginning and had me on the edge of my seat.  A thrilling novel that kept me guessing.
  2. “And the Sea Will Tell” by Vincent Bugliosi (708 pages), non-fiction:  Wow this one surprised me.  I thought it would be too long and boring.  Instead, this non-fiction read like a novel and kept me wanting to turn the page.  I found it interesting to learn how he prepared for the case and presented it.  I highly recommend this one.
  3. “Gut Makeover” by Jeannette Hyde (231 pages), non-fiction:  Very enlightening book written in an easy to understand format.  This book was packed full of great information.  I plan to start my 28 days next week.  Wish me luck!

Hard to believe it’s November 1st.  Two more months & we say goodbye to 2017!

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