November Recap

The last month of 2017 is here!  My Nikon did not get much use in November, only 33 images to be exact.  Hence not much of a recap here, you have been forewarned.

November Recap

There has been a lot of napping!  Josie & Sir Purrs enjoying some quality time together.

November Recap-2

After a grocery shopping trip, we are stocked up on produce.  Almost half of my shopping bags are full of fresh fruits and vegetables.

November Recap-3

My first attempt at making filet mignon.  I nailed it the first time, perfectly!  The steaks were delicious as were the stuffed mushrooms, asparagus, and side salads.

November Recap-5

Josie found her perch for the afternoon.  She never looks at me when I have the camera up close.

November Recap-6

However, when I step back she looks right at me.  Silly girl.

One big accomplishment happened, finally.  After almost a year I completed my keywording project.  Over 41,000 images in Lightroom and they have all been keyworded.  (Word of advice for those just starting out with Lightroom, keyword your images from the start, trust me.)

Lastly, my book reading for the month.

November Recap-4

“The Women in the Castle”  by Jessica Shattuck (353 pages).   Excellent book set in Germany during WWII. A wonderfully written story of perseverance, hope, loss, sadness, and love. I truly enjoyed this novel about three women making it post-war.

November Recap-7

“The Leavers”  by Lisa Ko (335 pages).  I must be honest, I almost abandoned this book at the beginning because of her very descriptive writing style. I was having a hard time getting into it and sticking with it. However, I decided to stay the course and it ended up sucking me in. What an excellent story of two people separated because of illegal immigration and the struggles they went through. Interesting story indeed.

November Recap-8

“The Girl Who Knew Too Much” by Amanda Quick (355 pages).  Great book set in 1930’s California.  This was an exciting page-turning novel.  Yet a little too simplistic for my taste with everything falling into place so neat and tidy.

See you next month as we say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018!

Happy Holidays to all!

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