Weekly Photo Challenge – 2017 Favorite

My most meaningful photo from 2017 was taken with my outdated cell phone technically by somebody else. However it was my idea to capture this photo so I think it counts. This particular photo was taken as we were all about to part ways and head home after an amazing weekend.

Each of us, strangers to one another, had traveled several hours to witness the most amazing sight I have had the privelage to see in my lifetime. The Great American total solar eclipse. We all camped at Lake of Egypt, about 30 minutes due east of Carbondale, IL. We were treated with just over 2.5 minutes of total (100%) solar eclipse. For those wondering, in this case there is a big difference in 98% & 100%.

Friendship among this group was instananeous, making this weekend all the more special. I will say despite all of the bad things going on in our world, this weekend restored my faith in humanity. It was truly the highlight of 2017.

I will treasure this memory for as long as I live.

Share your thoughts :-)

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