Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018 (a recap)!

2017 is fading fast, making room for a brand new year!  I love New Year’s, it seems like a fresh start, much like every day is a clean slate.  A few recaps of 2017 for your reading/visual pleasure.


During 2017, I read a grand total of 33 books with a total of 12,038 pages.  Here are all of the books I enjoyed this past year.

My favorite 6 books of 2017 (in no particular order):

“The Whistling Season”

“All Our Wrong Todays”


“Glory Over Everything”


“And the Sea Will Tell”


Although I did not meditate every day for the year as originally intended, I managed to make meditation a part of my daily life on most days.  I rounded out the year nicely by meditating every day in December.

With a grand total of 68 hours & 48 minutes of meditation for 2017, this marks my best year of meditation.

Insight Timer has really helped in my journey to develop a regular practice.  I love the founders for keeping it free for all, with an option to donate if you wish or to purchase an offline version for a small monthly fee.


A few of my favorite images from the blog in 2017:



For 2018, I have a loose plan for the blog.  Blogging 1-2 times weekly, most weeks, with occasional hiatuses, sprinkled in.

The Weekly Photo Challenge is something I really enjoy so I plan to keep doing those.  It helps to stretch my creative and photography muscles.

This year I hope to incorporate some variety into the blog such as:

Cooking/recipes along with photos.  Highlighting a recipe or dish, allowing for food photography practice.

Short stories using a photo as a starting point.  Helping to develop my writing.

How Yoga & meditation have and continue to enrich my life.

How Nature has also enriched my life along with photos.

My current reads along with a review & overview.


December recap-4

We finally had some snowfall.  Living out here in our cabin in the woods, I have come to appreciate the snow so much more.  The other day, I practiced yoga via Yogaglo while snow fell outside.

Today, as I write this post (12/29), more snow fell.  After walking dogs at the local shelter, I was happy to be home, warm & cozy in our cabin.


Happy New Year Everyone!  May your 2018 be full of happiness and new adventures.  


2 responses to “Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018 (a recap)!”

  1. Happy New Year Amy! I like this post for a couple of reasons. First, thanks for the book recommendations. I’m always on the lookout for new authors and it’s great to have recommendations from a real person who’s read the book instead of a paid book critic. Also, thanks for the link to the meditation timer. I’ve just returned to meditating after years of not and this app will be a help. Mostly, I needed a timer that wasn’t too loud. I’ve been using my iPhone, and not matter how I mute it, it always seems too loud. This app is perfect. BTW, I re-read your bio, and thought you might be interested to know that Terri is a Hoosier as well. She grew up in Crawfordsville, which is a small town west of Indy. Best of luck in the new year~James

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    1. James, thanks for this wonderful comment. So happy the book list & meditation app were helpful to you. I love sharing things that I have enjoyed & you are right it’s different coming from a real person instead of someone getting paid to review. I find myself not reading those reviews for that reason. As for Terri, a fellow Hoosier, nice. I know exactly where Crawfordsville is. We live about an hour south. Happy travels & happy meditating in 2018!


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