Boy or Girl? “A Gender Reveal Photo Session”

It was a beautiful spring day. The excitement was building in the household. Today was the big reveal. They would finally know whether their second child would be a girl or a boy. The camera settings were dialed in, the photographer (me) was anxiously awaiting, her mother and sister were on Skype waiting. Their one and a half -year old was the only one who wasn’t excited, he was half asleep.

Her other sister, the only one besides the doctor who knew was excited to finally reveal the results. A large box was set up with a string ready to be pulled. The answer was there. What followed was a surprise within a surprise. You see her sister had set her up and it made for a great series of photographs.

Before I reveal the gender, let me explain the sequence of events. Upon pulling the string (photo #1), a mess of blue & pink streamers emerged (#2). A confused Becca said, “not twins!”. Then they realized the answer was within the black ballon which needed to be popped (#3). Upon popping the balloon, it took a moment for the answer to sink in (#4). Once it did an elated Becca expressed her surprise (#5) as a proud Ely smiled on. They both thought sure it was going to be the opposite. Then the tears of happiness began.

Gender reveal-7

“It’s a girl!”

Once the excitement settled down and the congratulations had been made, the lovely couple headed down to the lake for a few photos alone.

Gender reveal-8

What a happy spring day for this wonderful couple! In the fall their three would become four!

For me, as their photographer and friend, I was caught up in the moment like everyone else. It was such an exciting photo session. With my finger on the trigger of my camera I was ready to capture the memory. At that moment I was thankful I had a fast firing camera. Every moment was special and important.

I am happy to report they had a healthy baby girl this past October, shortly after their son turned two. Needless to say they have been very busy with their family of four.

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