Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved

WPC - Beloved

Our beloved boxer, Josie.

We rescued her from the humane society 3 years ago in March.  During that time she has become a member of our family and we take her everywhere we can.  Yes, she is spoiled beyond belief!  Today I took her on one of her beloved hikes through our woods and tried to get a photo of her looking at me, she rarely looks at the camera.  Personally, I like her inquisitive look in this photo better.

(“Why is my human always pointing that Nikon at me?  Take a hint, I am not posing for you!”)

4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Beloved”

  1. Love the photo of Josie – she really doesn’t like to have her photo taken, does she!

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    1. Thanks Annie. The always looks away from the camera, it’s her thing apparently.


  2. What a beauty Josie is❣️😍

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    1. Thanks Dina, she certainly is.

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