Weekly Photo Challenge – Favorite Place

Although I have many favorite places both near and far, my favorite place is very near. On our property, we have a small creek which meanders along the edge of the property. Early on I made a trail leading to a fallen tree hanging above the creek. At the time I was reading Walden. This trail became the Walden trail.

WPC - favorite place-2

When the weather is warmer I love to sit on this fallen tree, propped up next to a standing tree. Sometimes I write, other times I read and sometimes I just sit enjoying the moment.

This spot is also a favorite of our boxer, Josie. She loves to run down into the creek which can vary in depth depending on the season. In the winter, it may be too deep for her to cross as opposed to the summer when it may only be a small trickle.


WPC - favorite place-4

Throughout the seasons it has become a favorite spot to stop for just a moment and savor the surroundings.

WPC - favorite place

I love how my favorite place requires no planning or travel time outside of the 10-minute hike. Any time, any season I can go to this place.

WPC - favorite place-3

Share your thoughts :-)

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