Ashley & Shane’s Wedding

It was a cool spring day with a winter feel. A light drizzle fell adding to the chill of the day. Inside the church, a warmth permeated throughout. The church was simply yet beautifully decorated with gorgeous wooden signs handwritten with messages of love, hope, and patience. Even before the bride and groom arrived you could feel the love surrounding this wedding.

This day was not only Ashley and Shane’s wedding day it was also Saint Patrick’s Day and their 7th anniversary of dating. A day of celebration indeed. 

The couple chose not to see each other prior to the wedding but I loved their sneak peek with each other on opposite sides of a door.

Her father had tears of happiness when he saw her for the first time. The choice to have that moment prior to the wedding was priceless.

The guys enjoyed their dressing space, a large room set aside as a youth cave in the church. The interaction between the groom and his brothers made for great memories. Anyone who walked into the room could feel how close-knit this family was.


 Ashley was laid back with a calm demeanor. The bride was ready for this day and had let the stresses fall away.


 As the ceremony started, smiles abounded throughout the church. The pastor cracked a joke about wishing he had her “Please turn off cell phone” signs at his church services. It was a smart move on her part. No cell phones were visible in any of the ceremony photos, making my job easier.

With a short yet sweet and loving ceremony, the couple was officially presented as Mr. & Mrs. Riddle. The church applauded the newly married couple. Many hugs, smiles, and tears were dolled out in the lobby of the church. The love for and between this couple was apparent to anyone in attendance.


After a quick session of family, wedding party, and couple photographs it was time to kick off the celebration at the American Legion.



Many of their family and friends enjoyed adult beverages alongside the couple. The celebration was officially underway. Stealing the couple away for a few additional intimate shots outside proved to be a nice addition to their couple photos.

It also gave us a chance to round up the wedding party for a fun photo at the bar. Loved this creative idea of capturing the fun of the wedding party.

 First dances were intimate feel-good moments. Tears and many laughs punctuated the speeches. The groom’s brother shared some rather embarrassing and hilarious stories about him.

Parts of the cake ended up down the front of the bride’s dress, keeping with her great personality she laughed it off.


(But that look says, I’ll get you back Mr.)

The two children who caught the bouquet and garter belt were all smiles. If only they knew what it meant they may not be smiling so much.

With the reception in full swing, I had one more important moment to capture before my departure.  

Every year since their first date they have always toasted their anniversary with Irish Car Bombs. The bartender worked feverishly to get everyone that wanted one equipped with an Irish Car Bomb. A toast was made and the happy couple downed their drinks.


 I loved the simple yet beautiful decorations at the church and the reception. Many of which could be hung or used in their home. What a wonderful idea.

 Cheers to many years of happiness for this fun loving couple.  May they have many more Irish Car Bombs to come!






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