The Last Suppers



This short novel was a joy to read. The novel is set in the 1950’s following the life of a prison cook who sees the humanity, even in the death row inmates.  Much time and effort are put into each “Last Supper” that she cooks before their execution, striving to make them as close to their relative’s version as possible.   

All the while dealing with a system that is less than humane at times. The story is mostly told from her perspective with interspersed narratives from the warden and a few of the inmates. The different viewpoints contribute to the overall story.  With this way of storytelling, the reader is compelled to turn the page to find out more.

Gripping and intriguing with a dash of romance this novel is a great weekend read. This page-turner is sure to delight any reader as you are drawn into prison life in Mississippi during a time of much racism and hate.

“The Last Suppers” by Mandy Mikulencak (260 pages) Fiction



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