Family Photos in the Fall

Although summer is upon us, it’s a great time to consider a fall photo session. All seasons allow for beautiful and unique photos.  However, fall is my favorite for photos.

The weather is cooler.  The leaves are multicolored.  It’s right before the holidays. Photo gifts for family and holiday cards are both crowd pleasers.

Last fall I photographed a sweet family, for a third session. A few months prior they had their second child, Gavin.  What a joy witnessing their family grow over the last few years.  His proud older sister has been fun to interact with. She has the sass, keeping the mom and dad on their toes.


The new family of four booked a session for updated portraits.  The day of the shoot, the weather was uncertain.  Overcast skies led to cooler weather.  To the untrained eye, it seemed a recipe for disaster. Yet, I welcome cloud cover.  The clouds act as a giant diffuser allowing for many great shots without cumbersome equipment.  With children comes a limited time and a good reason to keep equipment to a minimum.

We selected a playground area within Fort Harrison State Park. Two weeks prior I shot another family session at a different location in the same park. This provided different photos for each family.

This area was perfect, keeping Rowan occupied as her attention waned. I let her select spots while suggesting a few.  The large faux rocks in the playground were perfect for the whole family to perch.


I spent time with the foursome, brother and sister, each parent with individual kids, Rowan and Gavin by themselves.  Despite the skies looking nasty, the photos turned out well.  With everyone having a great time.

October 12, 2017_untitled_035

In an hour’s time, we accomplished the goal of capturing several nice photos to hang on their walls.  I look forward to working with this family again and continuing to see the children grow.


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