Taking a Stab at This Writing Thing

Hello, is this mic on? Thump, thump, and here goes.

My fascination with writing started at an early age. In elementary school, I wrote stories complete with crude artwork.  Funny how I can remember the first stories I wrote as a young girl. One titled “How Giraffes Got Their Long Neck”, another titled “The Terrible Kings Island Trip”, and “The Cat Who Wore Glasses”. Others I developed characters but never finished the story.  With a few unfinished drafts tucked away in a box somewhere in the garage, they collect dust to this day. I recall an opening line I swore I would use in a book one day but never got around to it.  (I’ll keep it to myself for now, just in case.)

In addition, I am an avid reader, beginning in my childhood. Reading everything I could get my hands on, immersing myself and my imagination in storyland. I recall telling my brother stories to keep him entertained, making them up as I went. Over time, I lost that storytelling ability or I discarded it for a while.

As a kid, your hopes are high, thinking “It’s conceivable one day I will publish something”. Then life happens and you tuck it away. With an average elementary and high school education, my grammar needs improvement.  Perhaps the reason I dismissed writing.  Thinking I could never become a better writer.  Yet, my writing skills have improved since starting my blog on Word Press.

Over time,  I discovered improvement comes with practice, practice and more practice. Last summer I downloaded an app to use for journaling. I write often, using the Writeaday app. I still need to learn a ton but its daily use has enriched my writing.

For the past 7 years, I have maintained a blog here on Word Press, a photo blog with minimal writing. Now I am compelled to go after writing with conviction.  My wish to write runs deep.

Something has lead me to this point in my life and instead of ignoring it I want to pursue it.

What is the end goal?

I’m not sure yet. That’s the beauty.  The not knowing.  I feel ready to dive in and follow the journey.

Several years ago I added this blog as a private place to write. Now I will use this space to write and share with the blogging world.

Although it’s hard to start a blog from scratch, the hardest step is starting.  With that tackled, I am ready for what’s next.

Thanks for listening (reading).

Words by Amy

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