“Reading with Patrick” by Michelle Kuo


books“Reading with Patrick”  by Michelle Kuo

Non-fiction, 279 pages.

What a fitting book for our time.  This book explores the bond that forms between teacher and student.  The setting is the deep south, Helena, Arkansas.  Told through the eyes of the teacher Michelle Kuo, a deeply personal account of her struggles with decisions she made and the effects they may have had upon her students.

With wonderful descriptions, the writing style is easy to read.  Immerse yourself in this rich book on the struggles of an impoverished community.   Where an education system needs an overhaul as is the case, it would seem, throughout our country.   The value of a good education and teachers impacting students is clear throughout the book.

Through a simple yet powerful tool of reading and writing the students explore their thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

It was a joy to read, funny, endearing, and heartbreaking.  One small act either good or bad can have a lasting impact on a person’s life.   With today’s youth as our future, this book is an important read for all.


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