My Writing Corner

What started out as a fun project in the woods has become more.  Previously, we set an area aside for camping. Later deciding to build a small structure, what I like to call “The Shanty”. Reusing lumber, sheet metal, and pallets procured from various places, limiting our need to buy new materials.  We purchased the base supports along with a filler to hold them in place.

Within a few months, basic building blocks turned into “The Bar”. During our drinking sessions, we added many names to an ever-growing list.  Also, we hauled an old refrigerator out to provide storage.   The essentials are stocked, making it less cumbersome in hauling items.



We love when people ask if we have electricity out there. No, only solar lights and flashlights. It is a gathering place on the weekends with our friends and neighbors. Everyone seems to love it. Now with warmer weather, we are planning a few camp-outs.

Along the way, I discovered it made a great outdoor office. Last summer I spent a fair amount of time working on my new flash and doing self-portrait work. It was the perfect location to flex my photography muscles.   Now the bar is morphing into an outdoor writing space.

Surrounded by gorgeous mature trees of varying sizes along with the sounds of nature. This space is perfect for a distraction-free creative zone.

Nature has a way of putting me at peace. It also inspires, making the creative juices flow. Without an internet connection to distract, I can stay focused and on task. Solitude at its best, with the space only accessible on foot, bike, or quad.

Now spending more time writing, this area of our property has become more valuable.  By day it’s my writing corner and creative place.  By night it’s the social place to hang out, enjoy adult beverages, friends, and music.

If the weather is less than ideal or I want to stay closer to home, our covered patio provides the perfect spot.  Also surrounded by trees and nature, it’s the next best thing.  Plus sometimes the internet is helpful while writing.


When I need solitude and no distractions I hike out to my writing corner.  The perfect combination of exercise and a writing session.


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