Chasing Contentment

Contentment, defined as “a state of happiness and satisfaction”, according to an online dictionary.  It appears simple to achieve. For those living in middle and upper-class America or even abroad, most should feel content with their lives.  Yet many are not. They strive for an elusive future.

Looking back at earlier points in my life, I realize I wasn’t elated or content.  I remember expecting to be delighted when I lived in a fancy home in the suburbs or once I earned my college degree.  They made me happy, temporarily. I chased after the next step.

At present, I consider myself the most content of my life.  I desire nothing. Our country home is small and perfect for us, with no wish to live in a big house these days. Experiences and memories are more important than material items.  However, I noticed that I was looking ahead, presuming I will be happier when I achieve x, y, or z.

I found myself at odds with one facet.  My purpose, income, or career. I think I will be content once I have x number of clients or make x dollars.  It seems I still chase the elusive future that may or may never come.

After identifying this within myself, the top priority is finding contentment in this present moment.  Contentment does not mean abandoning goals. It means working toward goals while being satisfied with this moment.  This is freeing.

My current situation has put me in more of a support role instead of the earner.  Despite the lack of monetary earnings, everything I do is just as important and contributes to our overall happiness level.  Goals will continue to be pursued and contentment will continue along the way, ever-changing.  Continuous personal growth is just one step toward maintaining contentment in our lives.  I for one, plan to pursue that growth throughout my lifetime.

Are you content with your life or do you continuously chase the next dream or goal hoping that will make you happy?

Goals are a positive condition of our lives.  Although when we live to achieve the next aim, we have lost sight of what it means to enjoy life.

Consider for a moment what it would be like to achieve all your hopes and dreams. Picture having everything you have always wanted. Perfect house, car, job, relationship, and bank account.  Then what?  Would you live blissfully the rest of your life, altogether content? Or would that wear off?  It’s a good question to ask ourselves.

Share your thoughts :-)

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