“Reincarnation Blues” by Michael Poore

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“Reincarnation Blues”

By Michael Poore

Fiction, 371 pages

This book was a real gem.  I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in this world of the afterlife and multiple lives.  The author created many imaginative lives for the book’s main character Milo.  I was hooked from chapter one.  Although one chapter about midway through did not hold my attention like the rest of the book and was a bit long.  The nice thing about this book if a chapter does not interest you others will.

The main character Milo has 10,000 lives to achieve “perfection”.  In between lives, he interacts with interesting characters in the afterlife, including Death herself, aka Suzie.  With vivid imagery and rich characters, it’s easy to become hooked on this book.  Each chapter is almost like its own short story.

Michael Poore has done a fabulous job with death as the subject.  It’s funny and heartbreaking.  It’s raw and real.  With a lesson at the end, it gives me hope for humanity yet.

Plus I love the cover!



One response to ““Reincarnation Blues” by Michael Poore”

  1. I love the cover too!


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