“Court of Lions” by Jane Johnson



“Court of Lions” by Jane Johnson

Fiction, 394 pages

A historical novel based on the Fall of Granada in the late 1400’s.  The story intertwines a modern day story making it even more interesting.  I loved how the author switched between the two time periods, keeping you on your toes.  At first I found it difficult to keep the characters straight.  The author included a list of characters from each period to help the reader.  As the novel progressed, I became attached to the characters from modern day and those from the 1400’s.  Each chapter moving the two stories forward.

The author’s intention is setting the skewed record straight.  Despite the positive spin our history books may put on Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand.  They ultimately eliminated a religion in the region.  It made me think of how we present our history.  Something to ponder.

There is intrigue, romance, fighting, and heartfelt moments. A delightful book with two stories told beautifully.  I recommend this book to complete your summer reading.

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